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WOW! That massage was amazing, I am walking smoother and my neck is so loose feels like my head might fall off ?? HONESTLY !? Thank you,

Right quote image P.D. : Longmont.

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I love when I get in my car after a massage and have to adjust the rearview mirror because I'm now a few inches taller. Thank you George Grant for the awesome massage today.

Right quote image K.H. : Longmont. — Facebook™ post

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Thank you for the wonderful massage yesterday!! I appreciated you explaining to me all the different muscles and why I was experiencing some pain. Thanks again!!

Right quote image S.B. : Fort Collins.

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Chiropractic treatment provided only momentary relief from my chronic back and leg pain. George Grant's massage technique restored my mobility and energy.

Right quote image D.W. : Longmont. — Review on Angie's List

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Believe you are on the right track on the leg. It feels better than it has since my fall 20 years ago!
. . .really do appreciate the thought you put into each session as you evaluate where we were and where we are going.
Thanks and God Bless

Right quote image D.F. : Longmont

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Help for fibromyalgia at last.
George used a Russian massage style plus lymph drainage to help with my fiybromyalgia. I went from having a really bad day to feeling wonderful.

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(G.G.) I would like to follow up on yesterday’s session.
Did the swelling in your left leg & foot go down?
  (J.D.) Yes, it is gone, there is no more swelling.
(G.G.) Did the work decrease the pain & improve the Range of Motion of your neck?
  (J.D.) Dramatically, it isn't gone, but then it is never totally gone, but it is much improved.
(G.G.) Did your knee pain decrease, and has it continued to improve?
  (J.D.) Yes, I've decided to take a break from both racquetball and sitting meditation for a few days, but the pain is less when I bend it full range.

Right quote image Email Exchange, GG and J.D. : Longmont

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By the next morning the rash was just an outline, within two days it had disapeared. I just feel so much better; I can't believe the results. Wonderful!

Right quote image C.G. : Longmont. — After Energy healing session for rash

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Amazing. . .
George began treating back and leg pain I have had for 20 years. After about 4 treatments I realized there was no need to take pain medication for the entire day. I have had many therapists, but he is the only one that has been able to get me pain free. Have recommended him to several people and they have reported great relief.

Right quote image Dave F. : Longmont. — Member review on judysbook.com

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I've gone here for the past two years for massages for lymph drainage and fibromyalgia. George is trained in the Russian massage technique Kurashova. I've been fortunate to find him, and his work is significantly helping my pain level.

Right quote image B.D. : Longmont. — Member Comments on Angie’s List

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For ten years I suffered with a stiff neck and had been to many doctors and therapists, with virtually no relief at all. . . . the lack of motion, stiffness and pain seemed to control my life.

I visited a chiropractor, two different massage therapists, an orthopedic surgeon, a pain specialist and an acupuncturist. I had only temporary relief at best.

Back Massage

After seeing George Grant and receiving treatment from him, I began to feel some relief immediately. It was only slight at first, but enough so that I looked forward each time to going back again. . . . I have had about 7 treatments with George, . . . to date the pain has been gone, I am much more relaxed, physical things are easier, and I have no dizziness (which was a problem before treatment). I sleep better, concentrate better and my flexibility is back. George taught me breathing techniques and stretching exercises, plus some life style techniques, which I feel have really helped me.

Right quote image B.M. : Wheatridge

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. . . I have had over 100 massages, and I can honestly say that that was the best ever!

Right quote image J.D. : Longmont

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