My Referral Reward Special

New Client Referral Reward Special! Refer a friend to receive a $10.00 discount, or to add some free pampering energy work!

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Whenever you recommend a new client, and they book a massage with me; then, at your next session, you will be entitled to either my standard $10.00 thank-you discount, or, an additional Energy- Enhancer Treatment of your choice.


Whenever you Post a published review on line — Angie's list, Facebook Recommendation, Google Places, Yelp, Yahoo, etc., — I'll give you $15.00 off your next massage.

The Energy-Enhancer Treatment

Conclude your regular massage session by enjoying some energy healing work to revitalize your Qi (chi) life-force. This healing work is based on concepts first outlined in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (The Huangdi Neijing) dating to the 1st century BC, and fundamental and applied ayurvedic principles developed around 1500 BC. I offer either a Chakra Balance session, or, a Brazilian Toe technique as outlined below.

Chakra Balance session

Includes diagnosis and correction of unbalances in your body's vital energy field due to foreign energy, negative emotions, and psychic pollution by tuning the seven major chakras, or wheel-like vortexes of the subtle energy body.

Brazilian Toe technique

Chart of Toe Meridian Points

In use for many decades in Europe, the US, Australia, and Brazil, where it originated, this technique uses the therapeutic properties of acupressure and meridian energy alignment to open the lower-limb Ying and Yang meridians to free the flow of Qi life energy, revitalize your auric field, and invigorate the associated organs. Clients report this to be very effective for relaxation and release of stress and anger. One hospital in Brazil is said to offer nothing but this service as a way to facilitate healing of all illnesses.

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