Massage Training & Experience:

State Registration:

picture of George Grant

I am registered as a Massage Therapist with the State of Colorado. My Registration Number is MT-7958.

Massage Therapy Certification:

I studied at the prestigious Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT), graduating from the 1,000 hour certification program in 2004.

The 4 major modalities taught at BCMT are Zen Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Normalization of Soft Tissue and Integrative massage. I also took elective classes in orthopedic massage, canine massage, prenatal massage and infant massage.

My internships included 23 hours of supervised internship, working with patients in the Oncology, Orthopedic, Cardiac, and Medical Surgery departments at Boulder Community Hospital.

Associate of Occupational Studies degree (AOS)


In 2005 I was awarded an Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy Degree (AOS) in Medical and Trauma massage from BCMT.

Topics explored in my degree program included sophisticated bodywork techniques, with application to specific special populations; advanced concepts in human anatomy and physiology, including neurophysiology and neuroanatomy; fundamentals and methodology of qualitative and quantitative clinical massage research; the consequences and ongoing effects of physical and emotional trauma in the body, together with techniques to recognize and alleviate the symptoms; and an introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Certified energy Healer

Healer's hand symbol

In 2005 I became certified as an Energy Healer. My energy studies included classes and practicums in the Healing Touch, Qi Gong and Vibrational Medicine traditions.

Continuing Education

I am certified to level I in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by the Upledger Institute, and am trained in Russian Medical Massage for Fibromyalgia by the Kurashova Institute. Additionally, I have taken other continuing education classes in various bodywork-related topics and methodologies.

Engineering Career

Before making the change to a career in massage therapy I worked as an Electronics and laser engineer at Arrow Electronics, Exabyte Corporation, Sheldahl Microproducts, Fisher Imaging Corporation and others.

While working at Integrated Sciences Incorporated I was named as a co-inventor on US Patent # 4604706 - A device for failure prediction of earth structures particularly useful in underground mines to predict earth structure failures such as roof falls.

British Army


Royal Signals cap badge

Royal Signals cap badge
"Certa Cito"

REME cap badge

REME cap badge
"Arte et Marte"

I joined the British Army as a boy soldier of 15, and left after nearly 20 years as a warrant officer class II.

As first a radio technician, and then a control and computing specialist, I served with a variety of Infantry, Armored, and Artillery units in Europe and the Middle East.

These units included the Royal Horse Guards (The Blues), The 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, and 40th Field Regiment Royal Artillery. In addition, I spent time with 22nd Signals Regiment, 244 Air Support Squadron R. Sigs, The School of Artillery Larkhill, and various REME and Royal Signals training establishments.

REME Artificers Badge

REME Artificers Badge
"If you can't pull it out, bash it in!"

Twice during my army career

I was fortunate enough to serve tours on loan service with armies of other nations.

Federal Regular Army of the Arab Emirates of the South

FRA base at Musaymir 1966

FRA base at Musaymir 1966

As a junior NCO, I spent 18 months with an army of mountain Bedouin soldiers in what is now the South of Yemen where I learnt tolerance and respect for those with a decidedly different culture and religion.

FRA Badge

The FRA was headquartered in Khormaksar, near Aden. The rifle battalions where I spent most of my time were up-country in bases at Ataq, Bayhan, Mukeiras, Musaymir, Dhala, and other outposts, mainly situated along the border in the Radfan mountains, or at the edge of the Rub’ al Khali or great sea of sand desert.

Malaysian Armed Forces

Malaysian coat of arms

Toward the end of my service, I was attached to the Malaysian ministry of defense and lived for two-and-a-half years in a run-down, haunted Hotel* in the west coast town of Port Dickson. There I met my wife, Kristine, who was serving with the US Peace Corp.

It was exposure to the many and diverse cultures and religions of Malaysia, and the mystical occurences that were so much a part of everyday life, that really opened my mind to other ways of thinking about the nature of mankind, and caused me to ponder matters of the spirit.

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